A downloadable cool for Windows and Android

a batch game made for games factory game jam

Install instructions

on android you will need an external batch emulator


game.zip 4 MB


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When I download your zip file there is no APK. Is this game meant to be played on android?

No, this game is purely made for windows. It uses the batch programming language that can only be used in a Command Prompt.

Need help to install on Windows? (pm me on discord)

I assumed that from the .batch file, it would be useful if you could remove the game from saying it is available on Android though... just to stop more confusion :)

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Well, it technicly is available on android, IF you get an emulator for the batch, but then you have a big chance of not having the audio clip.

Oh if that's all :)

Ey is this a sequel to void jump?

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